A note about footnotes

Footnotes about footnotes
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You may have noticed; there aren’t any. I mean, there are links to what’s relevant and out there on another website, but there aren’t any chapter and verse references to The Photographic Journal and so on. That’s not a mistake. But I’m happy for you to have them if you want them and I am keen to make connections with other workers in this unevenly ploughed field.

Some 20 years ago, when I first stood up to talk about my research in front of an audience which contained cinema historians, I had a fair chunk of my research lifted by a well-respected figure, who had been sat in the front row, and published in a journal later that year. I looked for an acknowledgement in vain. I was truly shocked someone would do that. I thought us early cinema obsessives were all in it together.

I have spent a truly absurd amount of time researching William Friese-Greene and those connected with him, none of which has been funded in any way to date, so the very least I require if people wish to benefit from my effort is to be recognised for it.

So, if you would like to have the precise citations of sources or use anything I have written in this blog, please drop me a message containing the following:

  1. Exactly what information you’re after
  2. What it is to be used for
  3. A statement to the effect that if you use any references I send to you, I will be acknowledged/thanked; and if you use any content from this blog, or the ideas it contains, I will be cited as the source.

…And then I shall be very glad to make your acquaintance and supply you with whatever you need.